Horse blend space - actual speed vs percentage

This is more of a question about horses rather than blend spaces, but such is the world of game making - always having to think about real world scenarios :slight_smile:

So, I’m trying to create a 2D blend space for a horse locomotion. I have animations for idle, walk, trot and gallop.
Now, my question would be this: should I use the Y axis for pure speed (which, in my case going to be from 0 to 2000 or so) OR, perhaps should I feed the blend space with percentages of the total max speed of the horse? (and so for Y axis to go from 0 to 100).
Here’s what’s bothering me:
Do you think horses should generally move from one type of movement to the other at more or less the same speed?
Suppose I have a very very fast horse, and a very slow one: should the slow one go to trotting and galloping at a lower speed than the faster horse would?
Or, perhaps, should they all go through the speed phases at more or less the same speed, but the fast horse would beat the slower ones in the stage of galloping?
If I go with the first version, then this creates a problem. If they move from phase to phase relative to their max speed, this would mean that the slow horse starts galloping at a faster horse’s walk speed.
If I go with the second option, then it may perhaps come to a point where one horse never even reaches the galloping speed.

So, what do you think? I’d love to see a discussion on this issue.