Horse Archery System

**Overview: **
**Free demo: **

Realistic Third Person Horse Archery System made in blueprint

  • Archery animation system utilizing IK
  • Blueprint only loading, aiming & shooting
  • Archery Targets
  • Simulated Mount
  • Easily migrated to another character

Ready and released on the Unreal Marketplace now!


Added left handed archery for aiming to the right. You can now shoot in a 360 arc with no blind spots.
The Demo has been updated as well.

**Update ****Overview: **

UPDATES 1.11 & 1.12

Minor bugfixing. Improvements to the animation transition after depleting last arrow while left-handed.


How to swap the mount

The mount is just a dummy stand-in for whatever mount you want the archer to sit on. The horse is the name but it shoud work with a donkey, tiger , bear, dragon, pretty much anything that has a space to sit on. I even made a big dog mount as a test. It was quite adorable.

The process works reliably and shouldn’t take much longer than 10 minutes:

  1. Create A Child Class of BP_Mount (or BP_MountSimulator if you don’t need to implement custom mount movement system)
  2. Replace the model to whatever model you want with its own animation blueprint if you wish. You can also edit the properties, add functions etc. Make it your own custom mount.
  3. Go to your mount skeleton, find an appropriate bone and add a socket called ‘SocketMount’. That’s where the rider is attached. Later adjust it until the rider sits perfectly on your mount.
  4. Go to BP_HorseArcheryComponent, go to function ‘SpawnMount’. In node ‘SpawnActor BP Mount Simulator’ replace the class with your child mount. (It would be more elegant to keep the mount class as a variable so you can promote Class to variable and change it this way. I might do it myself in the next update)

It should work now, at least for me it does.

You should pay close attention to:

  • The scale of your new mount model - make sure it is reasonable when spawned in game.
  • The location, rotation and scale of your ‘SocketMount’ socket - when the character is upside down in the floor and 100 times too large that can cause a lot of trouble.

Are you planning to add the ability to mount a horse? It is not yet clear to me how I can combine this with my character.

I don’t have any mounting/dismounting features. I doubt I will have the time to add it any time soon if at all. Currently the character spawns a mount and attaches to it automatically. If you want to use a character on foot you have to disable this part of the blueprint and make your own logic which attatches the character to a mount on your own terms.

Is there support for other weapons? I want to add a gun aimset so I can swap between a gun and the bow