I Have been working on a horror game but i come to one problem how do i get music do i have to make my own or can you get some off a website please note i will be selling the game so i dont want to be doing something that is alegal

There are websites out there were you can use music for free. (A simple google search should do it.) But just make sure it says you can use it! And don’t rip any music that is copyrighted.
Also, make sure to name your thread about what you need help with. It makes it much easier for someone to help you.

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EDIT: This seems like a pretty legit site. But read the FAQ! Not all of it can be used in games! (There are other sites. But I don’t know them As I make my own.)

Also take a look at this site: Free Sound Effects | :slight_smile:

That’s the place! thanks for finding that! :slight_smile:

any body know any free charaterMakers for comercail license

Make Human,

It may not be the best looking, but it gets the job done.
I suggest just taking the base model and importing it into another software to touch it up…but that’s just me.

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And when you want to download some character meshes, take a look at and :slight_smile:

You can try here
I got some sounds and music from here. It’s all royalty free. Just make an account to download them. Or if you have experience in making music you can use Fruity Loops Studio. The demo would work fine.