Horror Story - The First Seal. Game In development

Working alone in this horror game. Learning to develop and making it happen!
It’s a story inspired on Stephen king’s book, Children of The Corn.
3 friends were camping in a forest close to the city where a black cult happens, 2 of them just disapear and the main character is alone looking to find them and get away from there.
He will discover the secrets of this black cult during the long night!

hehe, 4 years ago I was starting this project!
And now it’s In early access on Steam!

It’s going to be full released this halloween hehe

I made several versions of the game since 2017 hehe


I believe that these 4 years have been very cool for you and you are satisfied with your result. Not every game gets on Steam.

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Hey @jeffwinner!

Congrats on seeing your project “Horror Story: Hallowseed” through to completion! Committing four years of hard work to anything isn’t easy. I’m glad to see you’re receiving so much positive feedback from the Steam community; you deserve it!

What will be in store for you now that this project is complete? Do you already have something new in mind that you want to tackle?

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Hey @Zezkaii
Yes, I have many new ideas, but I’m not working in any of them yet.
I want to pick the one I feel more excited to go from start and finish hehe.

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I completely understand! No need to rush headfirst into anything just yet, especially when you’re probably still enjoying the success of your most recent creation.

Congrats again on the success of “Horror Story: Hallowseed.” I can’t wait to see what exciting project you decide to embark on next; cheers! :sunglasses: :+1:

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@anonymous_user_f842db51 It was hard,
had ups and downs
But it’s done! :slight_smile:

Edit : the Game is out of Early Access since October 28th 2021