Horror Pack vol.2

Hellow! I started work on a new horror packs including pbr assets (more 150-200) and mini customization…

work in progreess :slight_smile: 15716c6ada08830902e60e1a785dd2fb4bcb56d0.jpeg

…and you are going to scare us with a cup and a small TV !! :wink:
The assets look nice ! Keep up ! :wink:

The locker looks cool, is the door a separate model so you can open/close it via BP/matinee?

yes yes : ))

I’m eager to prototype some ideas with this :smiley: was going to buy the old one but its not 4.12 :confused:

Hi Alexander
thank you for the nice package.
I love the dentist and I am using him for my new game.
But he has a small weightening bug on the right up and down lid. The up lid has also the vertices for the down lid. Can you fix this?
Thank you in advance.

where is the problem? :slight_smile:

Several tools

tools best even dying light!

First i end this Redirecting...

is version 2 up ?