Horror movie door?

So I’ve recently started learning programming, and for some reason the blue prints just haven’t clicked with me quite yet. Maybe because it’s not a piece of code I can write out. What I want to know is if someone could help and show me the steps of how I could make a door slam itself shut. Kinda like all cliché horror games do. Would like it to be done by trigger zone if possible. And just to clarify, id like to be shown how to do it with a blue print, not in C++

Basically what you want is a Static Mesh (A Door) being rotated during some time.

Timelines can handle that easily for you.

First, you would need to create the situation which you want your door to be closed, which would be best using a Trigger Volume or even a Collision Geometry (box, sphere, capsule,…). So, add it into your level if you want to control inside the Level Blueprint. If you want full control of this event only inside your actor, add this componentinside the actor and handle the events inside it.

You would also need to make sure the collision is actually happening between your Door and your Pawn/Character, so make sure the involved objects’ collision channels are set correctly.

Also, youtube is always here for us : )