Horror minigame?

Hello, I am . Hopefully, you can teach me how to make a minigame (the stuff in horror games that tell you the backstory). Let me know a way to do it in blueprints!

Hello, any help at all?

your asking way to broad of a task, well you dont actually ask anything here. for something like this you should go to the forum and or hire someone.

oh and if you want to ask a more specific question make sure to include details.

Ok, ThompsonN13.

I am thinking of making mini games like in Hello Neighbor.

that still doesnt tell us much and is still way to broad of a topic. as a i said before be very specific and provide details. though this isnt really the place to teach people things or to post tutorials. if you want to learn something then figure out what the constituent parts are then break it down and learn to make each little piece. if you had a question about one specific part the overall system then that would be a question of scale more appropriate to the answerhub.

Here is what I am saying. In a horror game, if you lose enough, you get transported to something you must complete.

again still lacking any kind of detail. if you post a question and repeatedly dont provide any information for people to work with then we are left to assume that you are a bot and you will end up being ignored. to get help you must put in the work first of explaining things clearly and in detail. you want to make a mini game we get that but what will the game consist of? what kind of mechanics? is it a puzzle? a quiz? roulette? a test of skill? reaction time? first person? third person? 2d 3d? look at a game like mario party the min games in that game are incredibly varied. you mention the hello neighbor game but personally ive never played it as is probably the case for many and im not going to go buy and beat a game so i can make a better guess at what your talking about. even then its possibly just a cheap imitation of their game.

at this point i am going to assume that you are a bot or dont have the drive to complete what your looking to attempt so this will be my last response to this question. good luck.

Well “thanks” for the help!