Horror Mansion

Working on a horror mansion, a bit of victorian styled mixed with a classic castle type mansion.


Oooooh! Spoopy! :ghost:

This looks like it will be fascinating to explore! I wonder, what dangers and surprises will be lying in wait and lurking? Are you building your mansion using a color palette? Are you using actual existing structures for inspiration?

I get inspiration from abandoned mansions, watching the design of them and trying to capture feeling. This one was more like free fall idea. And yes I went with color palette to achieve this nice blending atmosphere.
Going to make a bright room next. This one was my first room that more or less looks decent even tho it’s hard to get size proportions right - walls and overall room space.

This might be exterior, but it’s only front of it so far.

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You create horror games and threads with no logic(In the best ways). Sounds like a combo for a terrific mind-bending experience. I can’t wait to see a finished playable product from you someday. I’m sure I’ll end up questioning reality for days after. :joy:

Good luck and keep up the great work!

Yeah, that’s art. It takes losing mind a couple of times and then trying to get it back. I’m working solo so it might take a while. I’m aiming for something between Adult Swim abstractionism and classical art with a bit of oldschool horror vibes. It’s either gonna be a cartoon/movie or a game. Probably both in one way or another :smile:

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The exterior image you posted is giving me Bioshock Lighthouse vibes! I’m unsure if you have ever played the game, but here is how the lighthouse looks. Within the first 15 minutes of the game, the character emerges from the dark water and this towering, creepy lighthouse appears.

However you you choose to cinematically introduce your mansion as a game or movie, it has GOT to be a dramatic reveal! Your players/viewers will never forget it! :wink:

Played Bioshock a couple of times, really liked the 3rd game environment but haven’t played much of the franchise really.

And yes, that house is meant to be like a big entrance shot for a movie or game.

Might actually get the rights to use the song, it would be so worth it just for a moment like that.
Idea of it is that we must continue keeping the legacy alive. Wear black and white proud and keep the emo/goth spirit alive.

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Great song in combo with the slow pan out! If you could get the rights, that would be a great flex! The reflection at the entrance is a dark pool tugging at the souls of those who dare to enter.

Legacy is Everything! :ghost:

I’m totally planning a visit to this mansion with a few friends that you may be familiar with. Nosferatu, Wednesday Addams, and Beetlejuice. They’re always pestering me for the latest Goth hangout! I told them to wait for the Horror Mansion project by iamthebanana. :wink: :bat:

Update: The Sisters of Mercy and The Cure are wanting to perform!

GOTH ON @iamthebanana!

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Hi, great work there I love the mansion atmosphere.
If you ever need a music composer, contact me here or just reply :slight_smile:
I’m an unnderground/avant gardist/post industrial artist (my project is lounge/techno oriented, but I can work many styles)
Matière Et Esprit | Phonomantra (bandcamp.com)
Hope you’ll like my work for a possible future collab, note that I’m open for sound to images too. :wink:


Thanks for offer!
I’m not really looking for sound guy right now, I make most of my music on my own. And I came to realise that being a solo dev is hardest, but most rewarding process.