Horror Living Room

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List with all meshes that are in the Pack: Link


  • Modular Walls
  • Variable Wall Colors
  • Highly detailed Props
  • Blueprints for easier development
  • Ingame Door drag Effect Preview
  • Ingame Cabinet drag Effect Preview
  • Tv light Effect Preview
  • Please refer the Documentation for a more detailed List of Features Link

This package includes props, modular walls and two particle effects to help you create atmospheric interior scenarios. In order to cover as many application areas as possible, all textures are in 4k resolution. In addition, the package includes an animated candle flame, as well as candle smoke.

For more of my work you can look here

**Support: **If you encounter problems or have further questions or suggestions you can drop me an email at timgames52@gmail.com

Technical Information

**Image Source: **
For Demonstration Purpose this Asset Pack includes 5 public domain Pictures from the MET. These can exchanged freely in the Material Instance or Blueprint. These are the follow:

  • Landscape with Clouds Link
  • Pierrot Laughing Link
  • Julia Jackson Link
  • Two Pupil in Greek Dress Link
  • Landscape with Cottage Link

**Number of Unique Meshes: **110 (126 with combined meshes)
Number of Blueprints: 13
Number of Particle Effects: 3
Collision: Yes, automatically generated
**Vertex Count: **4 – 17449
LODs: No
**Number of Materials and Material Instances: **57 (18 Master & 39 Instances)
**Number of Textures: **100
Texture Resolutions:

  • All Textures are 4096x4096
  • Can be resized in engine

**Supported Development Platforms: **Windows 64bit, MacOS
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes
Documentation: Link

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It’s finally live :slight_smile: you can get it on the Marketplace now.

Marketplace Link

I added a new video on how you could create scenes with my Pack :slight_smile:

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