Horror level help

I could use a bit of help. I’m a college student one semester I learned Unity and learned how to script in that and this semester they want me to use Unreal 4 and I’ve never used it before. So I was hoping to get some help for what I want to do for my scripting level. I kind of just want to do just a simple horror level where objects and enemies simply added a bit of motion blur to the player character making the level more and more blurry the more the character encounter triggered events with a said variable of motion blur. When at max I simply wanted the player camera to tilt for a bit and then go back to be centered properly.

Example player enters trigger object moves past player. Player receives twenty motion blur out of the maximum motion blur. I get that this will have to be a var that I will have to setup I just have not idea of how to go about it. Any and all help would be appreciated thanks.

I think all you need is a Post Process Volume in scene with custom values.

See this

Check this guy out 33 tutorials on making a horror game. Obviously some of it may need tweakin if you are using a diff engine version but it should help get you started