Horror Level Help?

Hi guys,

I’m looking at creating a new level for my horror game and was wondering if you could give me some help.

I wanna place a old ruined tree in the middle of the room but have it so it looks like the floor has crumbled around it and it was emergd from underneath the building.

How do i create it so that the floor looks all ruined/crumbled around it?

stokescroft 114.jpg - something like this!



Why do you simply not model the floor like that?
Or you have a problem to do so?

I was thinking that… would it be done in Blender do you reckon? Just create a square floor with the edges worn away in blender? or is it something that could be done in the engine? i mostly work from inside the engine!

Please let me know…

Yeah sure. I have no experience with Blender but that’s what it does. Any 3D modeling software does it you just have to get your hands on one and learn it then you can model whatever you want.

To model that would be not to easy, if you going for realism.
Some skills at texturing needed too.