Horror House - (Playable Demo)

Hey everyone!

I have been working on this project for the last 2 weeks and I figured I would share what I have so far.

It is a fixed camera horror game centred around you trying to escape a house while a killer chases you down.
You can hide from the killer but they will always be looking for you.
You must find two keys to successfully escape the house, one for the front door and one for the car parked outside.

Each time you die the location for the front door key will be randomly spawned in one of the rooms in the house so you must locate it again each time.

Please share your thoughts and opinions on the game so far if you decide to play demo provided below!

I am by no means competent any any field but I manage to get by most of the time with a little help from the internet aha


I have included a playable demo (Very early)

If you could give me your opinion and also find some bugs that would be great!


The objective of the demo is to find 2 keys in the house.
One is the key for the front door and the other is the key to the car parked outside (used to escape)
At the moment “M” is used for the ingame menu.

Demo Download link:

Thank you very much!