Horror Game WIP

Hello, My name is Matt. I’m new to the Unreal community, only been using UE4 for about 2 weeks maybe a little less. I don’t know if this is post worthy or not but I would just like to post it to get some feed back on what looks good and bad. I know a majority of it probably looks bad but like I said I’ve only been using for about 2 weeks. I have no modeling skills whatsoever and if you are around the community a lot you will notice that all the models and textures are bought from the marketplace. There is not much done with the actual game play at all either. pretty much just working on Level layout. This is all done by me hopefully when later down the road when it has A LOT more done I can get a few people to help finish the game. Until then, this is going to the the WIP for my game. Thanks for reading and I hope it was not too terrible for your eyes.

This is my latest video above.

We all have to start somewhere and messing around with pre bought assets can be quite educational, looks pretty good too! Welcome to the community :slight_smile: