Horror Game Pre-Alpha pre vis...Work In Progress...let me know what you think

So working on very cinematic story driven game, with horror elements, somewhere in combination of Stanley Parable, Gone Home, and Outlast, this is a early level design of one of the levels in the game, i figured i’d post here to see what people thought… thank.:wink: So far I’ve worked on it for a couple weeks, and this is just part of it.


I’m scared…

I love the breathing.

The sparks from the ceiling needs work imo, too bright, not random enough and too many particles.

The way the flashlight moves is really nice.

I was waiting the whole time for something to spook me, great work.

Yeah…took the sparks from the reflections project, and the flashlight from the realistic render…but I am totally reworking all of my assets from other things…make it all original in the end…thanks for the comment…I agree with the sparks for sure…will be reworking those soon…:wink:

I personally would make the environment sounds (rain/water) a little bit quieter, because somehow it was distracting me a little bit. :slight_smile: But the level looks really cool!

I am definitely going to make sure sound design is great before release, right now with the current sound i agree, sound is ultra important in horror genre. Thank you so much for commenting, I have watched alot of your video and tutorials great stuff. :slight_smile:

Outdoor/Lake/Campground level…

I started work on another level of my game, this is a early video on it, only started it today so there is alot of work left to go but let me know what you think…once again :smiley: =ufHPvwdrNMI

Looks good , however i would like to see it with day lights , cause it’s impossible to see the colours here :slight_smile:

Howdy Shepherd47,

Great work so far! I was waiting for something to jump out and scare me in the final room of the original video. Keep up the good work and hope to see what else you have in store for us in the future.

Have a great day!

Hey Shepherd47,

I like the general aesthetic you’re going for - very cool!

It might make more sense to have your sound emitters for the frogs / general night fauna have a limited range, otherwise, when you hear a omniscient frog that doesn’t sound like its getting closer/further away, it sounds like that frog might be gigantic.

Good job!

What I would add to the ambient sounds is something that seems ‘closer’. While the ambient is good, you need that occasional sound that appears that makes the player think something is near them. It could be any sound, in fact a non-deterministic sound is even better, as that plays on their mind.

And remember, don’t discount getting some good music for the game. Music is quite possibly more important in horror games than any other genre.

Asked and answered…also trying lpv in there also…and am far from …but here is the next video of the work in progress…hope you like. Also not sure how to fix the material issues i am having on my lake material…but ill figure it out…tommorow i start working on cabin’s and shacks…as this will eventually be a campground…=jp2_ic5o_1c


I agree complete…sounds design and music will be coming in close to completion of the game…but i don’t like silent videos so i throw some basic something so it doesn’t sound entirely dead…thanks so much for responding…

Thanks a bunch! Appreciate the kind words…I’m a total beginner, i’ve had unreal for about 3 weeks total…and only other experience i’ve had is about a month of part time working with the skyrim creation kit, and playing around with free unity for about a month,:smiley:
. As far as sound design there will definately be specific emitters all over the place, (really adds to the fear factor to have the 3d spacial sounds) but I am not to sound design yet in the project, so for now I just slap a background track on there cause i don’t like video with no sound at all…again thanks a bunch…Cheers! :slight_smile:

looks really good, post process is well

Great work so far. I can definitely feel the atmosphere. What kind of enemies will the player stumble upon?

Looking forward to see how it progresses, be sure to keep it up! :slight_smile:

First thank you, next I’ve got some special plans for the antagonist/'s, but that will be one of the main hooks, I don’t want to leak too much but going full out back story cinematically driven…extra heavy on the psychological horror, plot twists, and crazyness, I’m am really excited to bring my vision to life with unreal 4…it’s awesome…I’ll update frequently, but I am hoping for a February-ish release…:wink:

Thanks alot, I pride myself on my post, I’ve had the last few years practicing doing post production, After Effects for short film sort of stuff.:slight_smile:

Hi there

Man your Game looks already very awesome. The videos feel great, the atmosphere is really nice.

So you are trying to make your own game with this all here? And then sell it on steam perhaps?

And did you create everything by yourself, like the trees, the fog and that cool flashlight? Did you made that in blueprint?

How did you create the ambient moon light? mapped an image to the default ambient light?

I have so many questions because the reason why im learning UE4 is to be able to make my own little game somewhen, hope you have time to answer them.

With best regards,

Hello hello, thanks for the complement. Steam is the goal for sure, the tree’s grass and bushes I got from a free download from (be sure to check out there youtube channel for tutorials and more), the flashlight is actually from the realistic rendering scene night level, materials I made myself, getting free texutures from cgtextures. The moonlight your are refering to is probably the height fog i put into it…it does have a directional light in the scene, the moon is actually a basic sphere from the engine starter content, with textures i got, than made a emissive material for it, for the brighter forest scene I am actually using light propagation volume that is a experimental feature in unreal engine 4, but it looks great in outdoor scenes and save a huge amount of times for building lighting, but that level also only has one directional light that is lpv takes care of all the ambient. for the terrain I made a heightmap (in gimp i think, i made it a while ago it might have been photoshop) than imported into the terrain system of ue4. I am planning on making all gameplay mechanics through the blueprint system, I am no coder(I wrote a tiny piece of code in unity for a flashlight but thats it,;)) I am very good at finding free things online(more important royalty free, creative commons public domain or attribution stuff) But more than happy to answer questions any time, I’ve got alot of work left to do on this game, and am hoping for February release, but I will be updating frequently, and be sure to let me know when ever you get some progress made I’d love to help out. :smiley:

New Progress, Check it out! :slight_smile:

Been awhile since I’ve posted, hard at work getting the game going, but thought I would post some progress this is a level I’ve been working on, still needs alot of work but general idea and tone is there, will be much better once i get it filled out with more objects and what not…let me know what you think.

We are just a two man team, this being are first game, as always any comments, suggestions, or anything else is always appreciated…Cheers!