Horror Dream

Hi guys, I’ve been training in Unreal Engine 4 for making an official game, so i decided to call this project: “Horror Dream”
I have fallen in love with the horror games but i think that this market is not big as it should be, so i want to contribute to the community with something that you may like in the future.
So a friend of the Unreal Engine latinoamerican group of facebook decided to help me with this idea (but it’s not 100% secure, some people give up or have other things to do).
Anyways i hope to find more people that can help us with this project.

For now i think that it’s better to not give you more details about the history of the game, as we move i’ll give you more news.
(It’s something small but i think that the main idea is good).

Other thing: If you want to be in the team don’t be afraid to send me a message or leave a reply in this thread.
(I’m mexican but i can speak english, share ideas and work with you, so don’t worry for this).

I’ll leave you with 4 screenshots of past works that can be in the final product.