Horror Development Kit

HERE](Horror Development Kit in Blueprints - UE Marketplace)

This horror kit provides the groundwork on creating your own horror game. This is completely 100% done in blueprints and can be easily edited within the blueprints or within the detail tab within the level editor. The kit contains blueprints that are in today standard horror game and are easily changed to suit your own needs. If you are unsure, please watch the tutorial below on how to change any of the options or email me personally.

• 100% Blueprint
• Easily altered by changing variable on the side tab or within the blueprint
• Customisable Character
• Customisable Door Blueprints
• Customisable Light Blueprint
• Customisable Jumpscare Blueprint
• First person perspective
• Walk and Crouch
• Headbobbing
• Running and Stamina Bar
• Flashlights with IES Profile
• Various Battery management
• Inspection/Examination objects and simple HUD
• Door includes: Normal, Switch, Switch on timer, Key Door and Keypad Door
• Light Includes: Flickering light, Switch Light and Triggered Light
• Jumpscare includes: Objects passing from one point to another
Technical Details

Intended Platforms: PC, Mac
Platforms tested: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Contact and Support

support email: