Horror Development Kit

The Horror development Kit is a start up kit on creating your own horror game. It contains the basic ground work on creating your own horror project, with easy to use instructions to change the blueprints to suit your own project needs.

This horror kit provides the groundwork on creating your own horror game. This is completely 100% done in blueprints and can be easily edited within the blueprint editor or within the detail tab within the level editor. The kit contains blueprint that are in today standard horror game and are easily changed to suit your own needs.
If you are unsure, please watch the tutorial below on how to change any of the options or email me personally.

The Horror Development Kit Contains:

  • 100% Blueprint
  • Easily altered by changing variable on the side tab or within the blueprint.
  • Contains: Customisable Character, Customisable Door Blueprints, Customisable Light Blueprint and Customisable Jumpscare Blueprint.
  • Character includes: First person perspective, Walk and Crouch, Headbobbing, Running and Stamina Bar, Flashlights with IES Profile, Various Battery management , Inspection/Examination objects and simple HUD
  • Door include: Normal, Switch, Switch on timer, Key Door and Keypad Door
  • Light Include: Flickering light, Switch Light and Triggered Light
  • Jumpscare include: Object passing from one point to another.

Video Demonstration

Video Tutorial

Price will be $39.99

Im really glad you’re making this and not having someone else follow your tutorials and make it, then sell it for a very high unreasonable price. Its good to see this from the creator and at a good afordable price, not to mention It will be nice to know that there will be future support and that you deserve the revenue from it for your tutorials.

Thank for the kind words. I was hoping to create some groundwork for people who want to jumpstart a horror game and easy to use functions to switch up some of the mechanics that suit their own project.

I would like say that the Horror Starter Kit that is online, is at a unreasonable price, however I would also like to say that it 100% his blueprints and nothing stolen from me. He created these blueprints himself and didn’t know about my tutorials. Mob mentality took the better and damaged his reputation for it. People assumed to jump the gun that he stole it from me, rather than having evidence that he took it from me. That is all I want to say on that subject matter and I want move away from it.