Horror City: Patient Zero

Hi there,

we’ve been working on our upcoming game “Horror City: Patient Zero” for quite some time, but we’ve been pretty tight lipped about it so far. We’ve recently started releasing some WIP shots of the game and most recently one of my posts got quite popular on facebook and it has also been featured on the UnrealEngine Instagram account. So we thought that we’d bring you guys in on it.


As you can guess, it’s a horror game - but we’re trying to do as much as possible in a fresh and innovative way :slight_smile:

Anyways, here are some of our recent screenshots. I’ll continue updating this thread from time to time. But it’d be awesome if you’d follow me on twitter, subscribe our mailing list on www.horrorcitygame.com and also like us on facebook ^^

From facebook: “Just thought I’ll share some progress we’re making on our game smile emoticon What’s seen here is a complex material that allows us to paint water, grunge and moss on our tiling textures using RGBA vertex channels.”

BTW, if you’ve got an xbox one and a kinect: check out our previous game www.slicezombies.com! :smiley:


Hi guys,

here are some more WIP shots of new props :slight_smile:

Looking good :smiley:

Looking fantastic, keep up the great work!

Looks amazing!

thanks for the feedback guys!!! we really appreciate those comments :slight_smile:

I’ve got something else to show today: This our UE4 LOD Plugin in action. We’ve developed this editor plugin to accelerate our development process by simply generating LOD models within UE4.
Yep, these models can look messed up when reduced - BUT - consider that they might only take up 10 pixels on your screen when reduced to such an extent.
The plugin however tries to preserve mesh borders and texture borders where possible. That means it should not just frag your mesh, even when set to 1%. However, models are complex and this might still happen, as seen with the high poly stanford bunny.
This plugin is (?not yet?) available on the ue4 marketplace. However if there is interest in the community for a simplygon alternative - we would put it on the store.
I have uploaded a dev video to youtube, check it out:

I should probably post this on the market place subforum to see if people would appreciate such a plugin.

EDIT: oh i see, I should probably post it here in this subforum ^^

That looks absolutely awesome. I think many of us would benefit from that plugin :smiley:

I’ve created the thread in the marketplace subforum: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?98648-PLUG-IN-Automatic-LOD-Generation-for-Static-Meshes

If you want to see this happen cast yer vote fellow dev :smiley:

just finished a trash dumpster! modelled this with Maya 2016 LT, textured in Substance Painter and rendered in UE4 :slight_smile:

just finished this “bags” prop set :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

some news here!

I spent the weekend on improving my Substance Designer skills so I can create better looking tiling textures. The results can been seen above. Paired together with our grunge material we use on building some awesome blending can be done. Check out how the building with the white paint blends from raw brick to paint.

screenshot caturday:

Hi guys, we’ve been busy this week. Check out the fruits of our labor :slight_smile:

Nice assets you got going there.