Horror A.I ?

Hi people. I have a question how to create a horror A.I? It might work like this : the guy is randomly running across the map, when spots the player, following him. When he losts him from the sight, continues to randomly run across the map. Any help?

here you have docs:

Hi BimbawZ,

Totally Unreal on Youtube done quite a good ‘Chase & Roam Tutorial’]( a while ago which works well for a ‘simple’ horror AI.
The pawn will spot the character, chase and when sight is lost it will return to roaming the map.

Hope it helps.

yes i tried that, but its not working anymore (using 4.9)

Hey Nawrot! Will it work in First Person template?

AI has nothing to do if its first person template or not.
There are great tutorials about AI, but working with behavior trees is quite advanced topic.
First you need to know blueprint communication, then how to setup character and create anim blueprints etc, then its time for basic AI, then you can tackle behavior trees, then you can try AI sensing and all that. This stuff is huge, so be prepared for hitting wall for few weeks. Also take my advice and do not try to make shortcuts, sometimes some tiny property somewhere is difference between working and not.