Horrible performance on mobile [Resolved]

In my interior scene, which is house with 3 small rooms (there’s no anything outside, only flat is detailed), I use static directional light and static skylight. CSM shadow support, movable directional light, etc is disabled, max lightmap size is 1024, textures size is 512. With that I’ve got 25 fps on lowest settings on my Note 4x. I read some topics and there’s everybody says that of you set Shipping mode for packaging and enable BP nativization there’s would be ~2x perfomaperf boost, so I’ve done this. And also I’m combined my interior meshes (one interior mesh for each room) to decrease drawcalls. After all this I built project and there’s still 25 fps on lowest settings
What should I do to increase performance on mobile?

This not true, Nativization only improve performance if you have complex Blueprint setup, but never be 2x.

With regard to performance issue, there is many reason, have you checked shader complexity ? , maybe you are using expesive materials, I once able to save 10 frames on my phone just by changing my material from additive to masked for particle materials . if you have no logic or actual game play , i’m pretty sure its your shaders

Check out this

Almost all my materials are green (exept window - it’s translucent, but I don’t know how to create glass without translucency). I’m also checked stat Engine and saw interesting things (screenshot), what is that?

What hardware are you trying to run this on?

Snapdragon 625
(When I played pubg mobile I was able to achieve 60 fps on low settings)


Your “redraw viewports” is absurdly slow.
Make sure you don’t have any scene captures running and your HUD elements aren’t binding to game variables ( UI bindinds do refresh every frame asking for value updates, it’s bad to use it on mobile )

​​​​​​Thank you, I completely forgot about scene capture that I used for phone camera (I don’t use it anymore)!
And what are you mean “UI binding to game variables”? I’m kinda new in Unreal. If you mean that UI connected with scene objects: I’m tracing from camera in tick update to interact with scene so I can’t avoid that

UMG Property bindings… don’t use it;
Use functions to manually update UI elements when needed instead.

OMG, Thank you! Now I have stable 40 fps even on medium settings!