Horrible corruption in a cast node

Lost a day of work on a corruption in my player controller… Caused the editor to crash on startup… Here’s the offending node


The logs showed this just before it crashes

/Game/Blueprints/masterBlueprints/master_trackedTank.master_trackedTank_C:vision_GEN_VARIABLE.BodySetup_0 (Outer=ProceduralMeshComponent /Game/Blueprints/masterBlueprints/master_trackedTank.master_trackedTank_C:vision_GEN_VARIABLE, Flags=0x00283029)
[2017.12.28-02.00.37:277][  2]LogWindows: Error: 
[2017.12.28-02.00.37:277][  2]LogWindows: Error: 
[2017.12.28-02.00.37:277][  2]LogWindows: Error: [Callstack] 0x0000000053D33FB8 KERNELBASE.dll!UnknownFunction []

Really not sure how to bug this, it’s in an area that I haven’t touched in a month on its own… but just the existence of this node in my project caused chaos… Only way I could find to fix it, once I narrowed it down to a content problem was to remove the blueprint, load it into the editor, disconnect this node, compile and save it. close the editor drop the content back in and load it back again.

This seems to be a problem when a copy of this object exists in the level on startup, I had a test object there and it kept corrupting my project because on startup it attempted to cast, I’m assuming on an object that was still being loaded into the scene. I’ll try to make a simple version of the project to show the bug