Horrible Car Physics


this thread has become so massive ill try to gather important posts here,

New answerhub post with test project download here
demonstrates car launching into the air and stationary car refuses to move on impact

Issues still present:

The main issue still remaining
car launching into the air

Under investigation by Epic! UE-21990

PVD files of this issue
issue shown in Physx SDK
on Nvidia Developer Zone
same problem, same physics, different engine
old answerhub, unresolved!

Stationary vehicles refuse to move on impact

where the problem lies in the physx sdk

strange ‘Magnet’ effect

Under invesigation by Epic! UE-21941

Falling through the floor

character can ‘ping’ vehicles into space just by touching

Stuff thats been Fixed: :slight_smile:

video showing suspension rising and COM offset issues *Fixed

Wall Riding, possibly due to COM issue

Incorrect Drag calculations *Fixed

original post:

as the title says, the car physics are really quite terrible.
i recently played with the ‘advanced’ ahem… vehicle in 4.5 preview and was kind of expecting some improvement on the normal one.
sadly, its even worse, sure the suspension looks visually different but the physics is almost non existent. also ‘suspension force’ or whatever it was has gone from the wheel properties, so how do you get the car to lean? (edit: its in the wheel blueprints)
also why does the car raise up as it gets going faster?

has anybody found the cause of the mystery self up-righting?

i have started making my own vehicle using a physics asset with constraints but i cant get the wheels to spin any faster than about 10 mph.
anyone working on a decent car?

please Epic, whats going on with the physics?
are there any planned improvements or anything?