Horizontal player (quadruped) setup

I must say though, once you have this working there other hurdles that you’ll need to overcome…such as rotating the quadruped…so be warned :eek:

Sorry, I didn’t manage to get any screen shots yesterday as I was downloading and testing the latest update to the engine. I’ll try to get them uploaded this eve

could you please upload the screenshot tonight :wink:

Edit: Never mind, capsule component assumptions make what I said impossible without a custom movement mode.

- YouTube - This is the custom movement mode I added to fix the issue. Even has turning! Forgive the lack of anims.

Looks good! I thought you would have shared the code snippet to achieve that, just to save us time. But still… did you have to change many parts of the movement ?

Thanks in advance

Hey man! What the hack? Where are the expected screenshots my dude? Five years have passed!

This is a super old post but if you need to rotate your character’s mesh -90 degrees, it’s because when you imported it you didn’t select the “Convert Scene” and “Force X Axis” options, select those when reimporting the mesh so you don’t need to rotate it by hand or do odd math for characters. Other than that and IK quadrupeds are treated the same as bipeds. I would also recommend only using the Collision Capsule for collision, don’t bother trying to use the Mesh.

Hi !
I am also working on a quadruped character ( a wolf). Any chance you could please share the code for the horizontal capsule collision for Character ?
Thank you very much, that will save me a lot of time. Did you also wrote a custom (horizontal) character movement component ?
Thanks and all the best,

Edit: ok found something that might be helpful : https://answers.unrealengine.com/que…9279/view.html
Enjoy !