Horizontal Compass

Hello everyone,
I need a little help in making a horizontal compass that displays current player objectives in real time (e.g. Skyrim)

I have customized the “Kite demo” compass widget very easily, but now i have no idea how to implement the objectives feature, any suggestions?

I found this user who was working exactly on what I look for, but it seems that he is not working on it anymore.


Hello FraZack.

Are you making a 2D compass or an 3D compass from objects?

Hi Stefan!

A 2D horizontal compass is enough for what i need and i think it is easier to achieve, am i right?

As said in my open post a system like the one showed in this video would be perfect

thanks for your attention

I’m more the 3D guy than the 2D so the 3D one would be easy to do for me.
But I think you can create the 2D in the same way use the FindLookAtRotation blueprint node. you just need to figure out which axis to link to the 2d sprite :slight_smile:

Hey Stefan thanks to your suggestion i made a small step forward.

The Objective Waypoint works perfectly on west/east cardinal points, but it calculates wrongly North and South, they are inverted don’t know why. Any ideas?


I don’t know, if this will solve it, but shouldn’t it be the opposite on the “Find Look at Rotation” node?

Try to plug the player location into the “Start” pin of the node and the Objective Actor Location into the “Target”. Hope that solves it :).

Hey, i just tried but doing so i will have the opposite problem, West and East do not work as intended :confused:

Nice :slight_smile: if one axis is inverted you can multiply the value with -1 so it gets inverted.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I tried to multiply by -1 but it seems to worsen the issue.
I’ve uploaded an example project with the compass widget in place, so anyone interested can take a look and try to help me.

Compass 2D](!Ws4CTSZI!k_-q3uZleTnO2AznW7BDSCxSXiSgD6ZyoyxnJORwckg)


You need to add the multiply at this location :slight_smile:

Hope this helped you and feel free to ask question you can also pm me :slight_smile:

Just a small update:

this was the working solution for my setup, thanks all for the help!


Hey FraZack, realy nice project !

Please is it possible you upload your working solution again because i searched a long time to become a working solution for my horizontal compass with targets in compass.
It would be a big help for me to finish my problem.

Thank you in advance