Horizontal capsule collider

PLEASE ADD THIS. it is soooo annoying not having this. any quadruped which happens to be long gets extremely bad collisions and cant go in narrow gaps, another thing that would be good enough is to allow the ability to choose which component the “SetActorLocation” and "“SetActorRotation” sweep thing uses. because without it colliders a basically useless for anything but physics and triggers. and using physics for your character controller isn’t the best idea (most of the time)

can’t you just rotate the capsule collider?

Hi Cube Games,

I think this is a great idea and have entered a feature request, UE-18260 to be considered by the development staff.

This would certainly be super-useful. The problem in doing it is related to the reason an upright capsule is generally the choice for character collision in the first place. With an upright capsule and assumptions about a constant world up vector and characters only rotating about that axis, it is known that no rotation will ever cause a change in collision state. This makes a lot of the code in UCharacterMovementComponent much simpler. Unfortunately it means that huge parts of that (very complex) component would need to be rewritten for a horizontal capsule (or any other collision shape without rotational symmetry).

I recently played around with writing a modified movement component to properly handle collision of a carried object, which essentially requires solving the same problem. I had some decent success, but it wasn’t until I got into it that I started to realise just how much code would need to be changed in order to make it work fully in all situations.

I’m not saying it can’t or won’t be done, just that it’s a big job. I wouldn’t expect it any time soon unless Epic suddenly have an internal need for it.

Nope, then things like the “Set Actor Location”'s sweep wouldn’t work since it only uses the root component’s collision and it’s not possible to specify another component to be used for collision.

Hhmm, could be interesting. The capsule could have more use-cases.
I am testing some flying drones and rectangular objects (a flying shopping-cart) that follow the character around. FPP and TPP.

My e.g.,
-(1) it forces my drone capsule to have a height from top to floor, for example 120 half-height. My expectation was: I could create a capsule of 11 half-height and 11 radius, and positioned (translation in Z) the capsule above the ground forcing it to always float (at 120).
Why would be this relevant? I can’t crawl underneath the drone, cause the capsule is detecting a collision.
-(2) it forces my rectangular object to have a circular capsule. Far exceeds the model, making it unreliable. My expectation was: I could change the shape of the capsule into a cube or rectangle; or rotate the capsule.

Found a workaround on for the second issue: