Horizon: Zero Dawn Hook?

I was wondering if anyone has tried to recreate the harpoon/hook gun similar to the one in the E3 trailer for Horizon?

I’ve tried to do this tutorial, but without luck. I was hoping to get some knowledge about how to get the rope to shoot out, but I’m using the First Person Blueprint, so it didn’t work as intended. Secondly, it needs to shoot a second time to anker the rope to something else.

There’s no such harpoon or hook gun logics behind it as i see. To me it looks like that they are just connecting two points (Ground - Robot) with a cable actors.
And depending on the number of cables attached to it the robot falls, and due to the animations it looks like its stuck.

I’d create an actor called (Arrow) and attach a Cable Component to it. When it hits a target, attach the actor to the hit actor, and then for the second shot i would just spawn a second actor and set the Cable component’s Attach End To / Other Actor property.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll see if I can figure it out somehow. I’m fairly new to blueprints so every hint is a great help. :slight_smile: So I would be making the actor in a new function inside the character blueprint correct?

If you shoot an arrow that’s actually going to be an actor :slight_smile: and when it hits smething you just simply attach to the hit object.

With a lot of help from a friend I managed to get a prototype up and running. I have another blueprint setup for the arrow and bone-attaching system I need to incorporate this into :slight_smile:

On another topic; I’m doing a day/night cycle and I’m using timelines to control some bitmaps i’m using for my cellshader - I’m getting an infinite loop when I try to make the cycle loop, maybe you have the answer to my problem?


nevermind, found the solution :slight_smile:


sorry for the spamming, but I’ve run into another problem :slight_smile: I want the cable to have a max length and when it hits that max length the first shot should fall to the ground constrained by the cable. I’ve looked into the physics constraint component, but I can’t figure it out if my life depended on it.