Hoping WC is working on 252 or later devkit...

Would be good to get that version since it contains new dinosaurs amongst other things.

Also, that gives something reasonably new to work with until 253 launches in mid Dec.

i agree I am getting bored with the current Dev Kit Version Done Everything in it

I wouldn’t mind them holding off until 253 has been released to us. Then incorporate all the 253 stuff (and whatever bonus stuff is in there). Then we’ll have some stuff to keep us going :wink:

253 will only hit around 20th December … maybe another week later… which means we won’t have anything until probably mid to late January.

That’s a long time to wait… and 252 is pretty feature rich and just needs to be packaged up.

I’m completely new to modding, including ARK. Can someone explain why the dev kit is different than the game version? I think I saw something elsewhere on the forums about needing to test and make sure it’s stable, but if the game is stable why wouldn’t the dev kit also be stable?

Also, slightly off-topic, is the recommendation to install the dev kit on a SSD vs a regular HDD, or doesn’t it matter much?