Hopefully Helpful Hints Hammer On Unreal Engine VR November 28 2016

Heyo all :slight_smile:
Here’s my video for the last week of things I found that I thought might help peoples. Any suggestions or hints for me are very appreciated too of course.
Happy Holidays!

Awesome helpful peoples

Fausty - Sound effects cutting out
Irascible - Music start stop
Mordentral and MarcinW on forums
Profile and optimization Clean up event tick
Tesla Dev - Blood Splat

Ed Burgess - Decal Bug
Dark Horror - Speed up lighting build!!-adjust-UE4-affinity-to-LOW

And my progress, I had to do alot of re writing to clean things up.

Add sound to bunnies
Fix Audio Skipping
Music Play Pause
Dust Particle Color
Alot of Optimization and clean up
Game play of bunny spawning mechanics added in
Staggered bunny release gameplay mechanics
Re Wrote Damage System from ground up
Added dead bunny splat decal
Set bunnies to climb over each other every once and awhile via random jumping impulse
Tuned game play
If a bunny is stuck for too long now it dies.