Hopefully Helpful Hints From Hammer On Unreal Engine VR January 09 2016

Heyo all :slight_smile:
Gettting back up to speed after being on vacation mode. This comming week is full steam ahead. If anyone happens to know why my refractions have stopped working I would greatly apreciate it. That said, hope all is well and shiney for everyone out there :slight_smile:

HElpfull Helpers
Jacky Unreal Forums - Blue Print Altering Post Process Volumes

Stuffs Done:
Bug Fix Final wave enemy broke
Bug Fix Rewrote big bunny drop rate
Added collision sphere to head set
Optomized particle bunnies for frame rate
Tried moving UI to the bottom
Studied other VR shooters and nearly went blind
Serious Sam, Raw Data, War Hammer Vermacide, The Lab, Brookhaven Experament
No one uses a HUD
All UI exist on static object on the ground
All damage indicators are vision effects
Plan and Implamented damage notification
Tried adding drop indicator it looks bad and removes user from experience
Bug fix tracer fire was broken
Made screen go red as you die