Hopefully Helpful Hints From Hammer On Unreal Engine VR December 11 2016

Annnnnd Heres th weekly report with usefull things I found out for yall at the begining. Hopefuly helps some folks out thar. Have a wicked awesome week :slight_smile:

  • Gun Tracer Fire
  • Redesigned level to stop user from spinning out of control
  • Put UI on back of guns, then took it off
  • Put the UI onto a visor
  • Created Simple bunny Geo and Skeleton
  • Got Bunny Physics Functioning
  • Bunnys roll completely when thrown into air
  • LittleBunny limbs waggle more
  • Tuned rigg makeinge ears perkyer
  • Got Bunny colors functioning again
  • Added back in scale variety
  • Created Big Bunnies
  • Got Big Bunny not effected by gun blast
  • MAde Bunny Blood Blast
  • Made Big bunny dust particles
  • Made Big bunny landing goes thump sound
  • Made Big bunny landing send others flying
  • Big bunny landing camera shake
  • Big bunny spawn less frequently
  • Guarantee big bunny drop every third