Hope multiwindow can be put into another desktop in win10

In win 10 we can create a new desktop and draw any window into it like multiscreen does. Hope you guys can let the Blueprint window or View window can be dragged into another desktop to increase the work efficiency who got only one screen or laptop plz.

Is such thing possible for multiple windows of a single application in Windows at all?

I think it depends on how the application implements multiple windows. All browsers can do it, for example. The way UE4 does it’s child windows is weird: for example, the child windows always draw on top of the main window.

The best you can do with a single monitor is to drag child windows into the top of the main window to make them show up as tabs and use ctrl+tab to cycle between them.

You are right dude. That’s good to use

Hope this plugin can help you.
MultiWindows4UE4”: UE4MarketplaceSubmission_Public / MultiWindows4UE4_Public · GitLab

Its not possible to download the plugin - item not available…