Hook to MapCheck event to custom level checking logic


I have custom map and I’d like to hook to MapCheck event, so when user click on MapCheck button, it will exec default functionality and probably trigger some delegate.
Is it possible to do it? I’ve digged around in Engine files, but without succes.


Not sure if there is a global delegate or not (will check in a minute), but each actor and component can implement custom map check behavior (override CheckForErrors()), so you could certainly create a singleton ‘sanity checker’ actor that you place into your map.

Michael Noland

Hi Pavel,

Doesn’t look like there is a delegate for it. I’d go with the sanity checking actor approach for now (or if you already have specific things that need to check state, then encapsulate it as tightly as possible, e.g., a jump-pad actor or component that checks to make sure it is unobstructed).

Michael Noland

Yeah, overriding CheckForErrors was exactly what I looked for. Thank you very much.