Honeyhive hell ! Is there a way to edit a variable of child actor?

Hello every one, I know this this a question asked frequently but I don’t find an answer in the google answers…

I’m making a beehive for a research project. I made a blueprint actor for a single alveolus. Each alveolus can be define as a larva, pollen, honney or empty. So I mande an enum with the four entry. In my blueprint I use a switch on enum to pick the type of alveolus I want:

As I don’t want to edit a thousand alveolus manually, I create another actor Blueprint, the frame that will contain all the alveolus duplicate on a grid, here’s the code:

I can edit my enum when I select the add child actor, but it changes the enum for all the alveolus.

So I cast to the original blueprint to access the enum variable, but when I set it nothing happen:

Any ideas on how can I solve this issue?

Child actors are a pig to work with, you have to do this sort of thing:


There’s a much easier way:

Talk to them using blueprint interfaces. As you make this mass of blueprints, store their actor references ( not the child refs ) in an array. Then you can zip through that array and just send interface messages to them about anything you want…

Tell me if you need more info.

EDIT: Another thing you could do is spawn them as actors, sidestep the whole child thing…

Hi ClockworkOcean,
Thank you very much to take time to answer, your screenshot is very similar to what I’ve done, except for the Set Child Actor, I’ll give it a try.
Your easier way seems very interresting, not sure how to store in array, but I’ll work on that.
I will try to spawn actor also as you said.

Meanwhile, I tried this
Instead of using a switch on Enum I made Four Function,

then Icalled this function from my Frame blueprint, and It seems to work

I’m not sure It’s a very elegant way of doing this…