Homing target component

How to set homing target component on the projectile? I’ve been trying to find it out in the documentation, forum or aswerhub but cant find anything about it.

I have found it in the blueprint (just drag out a line from the projectile movement node) but what kind of input do I give it? I tried player pawn but that doesnt work.

IIRC, it needs a reference to a component. I’m not at my home computer, but I think I managed it by getting a reference to a BP I wanted to home in on. Then from the BP variable I got a reference to a component within that BP. Not sure if that is the best way to do it, but it worked for me.

Here’s my quick fix

It’s a pretty simple combo of making the scene component you need for a target at the beginning of play attached to the player. Once you have that you can set that to be a compatible variable for you to use with the homing component. I checked on tick to make sure to reposition the added scene to the players location. Sorry for just now seeing this post.