Homing projectile not destroying on collision

I am creating a Boomerang projectile that when thrown after a while comes back using Homing Projectile Component. So far everything works fine but when the boomerang comes back to the player I set it to destroy himself (on collision) and this is not working. Instead the character rides it like a surfboard. Can anyone give me a clue how to fix it?

Here is a gif:
The projectile spins very fast. **


Frame by frame:

The configuration of the CollisionBox in the Boomerang blueprint:

And the destroy event:

Thank you in advance and feel free to ask anything you need :slight_smile:

have you tried to disable (no) “can character step on” in the collision setting?

I did, nothing changed.

These days I was looking after some info and I found out what is doing this strange behaviour.

See here.
And here.

And when I set the CollisionBox as the RootComponent I get the collisions to work properly but in the other side I cannot modify the shape of the CollisionBox to fit my needs…

Is there a guide to set this up correctly?