Homing Projectile For Server-Client

Why is my homing target for my projectile not being received by the server when the client fires the arrow? Can anyone help me with this problem? been trying to solve this for a week now. I tried using rpc’s but it only adds up to the problem by spawning 2 projectiles instead of one, though one of the homing projectile being spawn is working properly for server and client side… ill post a video to show the problem and my blue prints for both spawning the projectile and the projectile actor.

here’s a video link for the projectile behavior i’m having. ProjectileMovement For Unreal - YouTube

Still looking for answers on my problem… if there’s anybody that can help… thnx and Happy New Year! :smiley:

Have you checked if you replicate movement in your projectile blueprint?

this confuses me because it looks like you are creating the actor on your client, but configuring it on your server side? what i do in this situation is send my complete request for my homing missile to my server, create the missile there, then via replication all the variables for its configuration gets send to all clients

from your video I see you are doing client/server testing - try testing 2 clients on a dedicated server testing as well. this only semi works on your server client because like my paragraph above I dont think you are doing the “networking” right, ie. only create your actors where you have authority if you want them to replicate