Homing missile

Hello guys. Another free stuff for you I made today.

It is homing missile based on projectile class and with some interesting features. It will smoothly rotate and fly toward target actor.



  • Targeting delay. Projectile starts to rotating toward Target after delay.
  • Rotation speed. You can set speed of rotation of the projectile. You can even set it smoothly increase in order to prevent very fast rotation at start.
  • Acceleration. Projectile will accelerates to it’s maximum speed.

Download: HomingMissle.rar — Yandex.Disk
Min UE version: 4.8.2


  1. Place “HomingMissle” folder into Project/Content
  2. Go to your character/ship/turret and call SpawnActor from class function. Set Class to HomingMissle. Set location of the spawn and rotation (Rotation is very important, since it defines, in which direction missile will fly at start.)
  3. Right after spawn, set Target variable inside spawned missile. Otherwise it will fly straight forward

I like how you can make it delay, like “Oh, I missed. Ha!! just kidding!!” BOOM!!

wow that’s great stuff for a ue4 beginner like me, thanks a lot!

very, Very Coooooooooooool AlFlakky!!! Thanks


this is great, saves a huge amount of time and can be applied to so many different kinds of playable characters, thank you!

I was wondering if you knew how to set the target to an actor (enemy ai) blueprint? I can have it home in on my character but when I try a “get all actors of class” node I have not been so successful.

Yes, I know. I made targeting system for my Advanced Aiming Component. There is many ways, to be honest, but the most simple one is to get all actors of class or with interface, make a loop for output array and find the closest one.

Like this:

Btw, that Missile should work very well with Advanced Aim Component I made. Just realized that. :smiley:

Based on this homing missile made this:

Dot spawns every 0.5 seconds and follow the previous spawned one.

Nice galaxy forming up :slight_smile:

Thats really cool, inspired me to start mucking around with the homing missle for artistic purposes

Thank you ^^

They simply follow each other, but there is such a cool stuff going on. That is really awesome effect, especially when you know exactly, how each of them works.

Looks good but im having trouble getting the missile to fly to my target. I followed this tutorial which shows how to shoot with a line but i don’t know enough about blueprints to pass the location info to the homing missile?

Simply set a variable to Hit actor (from line trace hit result) and when you shoot, pass it into missile (there is Target variable, set it with hit actor).

Thank you so much for this. I had one of my own that I was working on but I trashed it because yours was sooooooo much better lol. Take a look at a noobs work:

Dude. Mind=Blown
Like, H-Bomb

How the effin hell did you make this

It’s a great effect, but there is a problem with it and I can’t find how to make projectile hit static target. It can hit only moving targets. When target is not moving, it finishes orbiting around it and never hitting it.
Any help?

Ok. Thank you. That’s what I done even before reading your post. I thought that there was some solution just changing numbers.