Homesick - puzzle exploration mystery game - released on steam!

I’m so excited to finally have something to share here. My first game came out today on steam! I did all the programming, art, gameplay and design.
A huge thanks to Epic games for making this possible with the Unreal engine!!!

Check it out if you have a chance!! Homesick on Steam

Feel free to ask any questions!!

Awesome, I’ve been following this for a while. Gonna download and review right now. looks amazing.

That looks fantastic! [already added to wishlist]
All the lighting kinda reminds me of The Last of Us which is certainly a good sign.
I don’t really know how long the game is, but curious - how long the development took?

Thank you!

I’d say it’s a 2-3 hour game. I worked on it full time for two and a half years but I’m basically a solo developer - got help with some of the in-game writing, music etc.

So basically an hour per year of development time! haha

As a hopeful developer that is really encouraging that you made it to release. The game looks great. I don’t have much experience with UDK but these graphics are amazing.

i cant not save the game

Thank you! I’m really really looking forward to only working in UE4 from here out! :slight_smile:

Awesome! Good work!

Good work man! It looks very cool!

Very nice mood & setting on the video!! I would love to play the game on my PC if you’ve got a trial version available!

Looks lovely.

Really interesting art style!

:c I want to see Homesick on youtube but u have forbidden people to make more Videos about it.

Thanks guys!

@Kanizitas what do you mean? The trailer is on youtube right now - We have asked youtube let’s players not to spoil it though since it is a mystery story game with little replayability. Many still have though, but we haven’t taken any videos down or forbidden it, just search on youtube there are a lot.


hello sir. I really enojyed this game, graphics are awsome and the story is the best i’ve seen in my life on any game. (compared to anything like AC , Prince of Persia , and horror games ). But i have a serious problem that it wont let me play :frowning: . The game wont save for me. I go on the bed and wait… Then i exit the game and it still wont save… What am I doing wrong? I am on Windows 8.1 . Thank you

You did this by yourself? Looks amazing.
I don’t enjoy depressing or horror games, but I can see the effort you put in.
Good for you man! =)

Played through this recently, one of the most beautiful games I’ve seen, AAA or indie. The environments, lighting, and attention to detail are just jaw-dropping.

Any chance this will come to VR? It’s already incredibly immersive, but this is exactly the sort of experience that suits VR well (and I’d love to walk around in there).

Hope this gets the recognition and success it deserves. Can’t wait to see what you do next!