Homeschoolers - access to engine?


We educate our for four kids in Australia and was wondering if you could extend the availability of your engine to homeschooling families.
It would be a pity if home schooling kids didn’t get the same opportunity as school-kids - after all many parents took this approach to advance schooling available to kids.

Home schooling is increasing prevalent and some of our kids show an aptitude for computer science and game development.
We have official documentation from the Australian gov that we should share to show that they are home schooled if that helps.

Looking forward to your response.


Passionate home schooler!


Currently our academic promotion is only extended to colleges and universities. You can still get accounts to learn on with our standard subscription and then cancel your subscription. You will still be able to use the engine even without the active subscription. I have personally spoken to our CEO and he like the idea of extending our academic offer to a greater audience, so please stay tuned.

Let me know if that helps.

Thanks Alexander - I’ll give it a go. Really appreciate you looking into this!

pay $20 bucks for it.

They deserve the $20 for a $10 million dollar engine don’t you think?

There are other famous sites UE4 is on aswell but I am against pirating UE4, I honestly think $20 is an awesome price and these people deserve the money for it. Its 2 eatings at KFC anyways, just cut back on KFC twice for the week

I think that processing your documents by some employee at Epic will cost the more than those 20$ you want to save.
Imo Epic should extend license to homeschooling and slap processing fee of 100$ per application, everybody would be happy.

PS. I would rather pay and have unreal now, than file papers, send by mail, wait 2 months for decision, have unreal in February.

Unreal Engine is now free, enjoy!

Well said!