"Homebrew" Motion Captures

Is there interest in homebrew motion captures?
Homebrew in the sense of not from a professional motion capture studio.

I’d collect suggestions from the community and record the motions for the UE4 mannequin.

What motions would you like to have? Everyday motions? Action motions?

If there’s enough interest I’ll post some example mocap here based on a few of the suggestions.

Would you be cleaning up and polishing those animations as well or just releasing the raw data?

I believe there’s definitely interest in getting more animation packs in the marketplace. Everyday motions in particular for NPCs.

I think if the cleanup work is done then there will definitely be interest in these.

definitely interested in working out of the box animations for ue4 mannequin.

As long as you clean them up, there’s always demand. Any motions you can think of that aren’t already include on the market, like crawling for example, would be great.

Hi, thank you for comment. Can you tell me what exactly you mean with clean-up?

I’d do this:

  • Single animations (e.g.: standing up, sitting down, turn left, turn right)
  • Provide animations as stationary and root motion
  • all animations mapped to the standard UE4 skeleton
  • as .uasset, so you can use them without further hassle in your project with the UE4 mannequin



Cleanup would entail removing any jitter from the capture. Adding key frames for bones during times tracking was lost due to occlusion, keeping the hips centered roughly above the root, etc.

Please have a look at the examples:

You can download the examples here:

Edit: while Google Drive is having issue, take this second link:

Just extract the file to your Content folder. Tested with 4.9.2 and 4.10p4.

Any feedback welcome!