Homebound - VR Experience

Hello everyone!

The last 4 months I’ve been working on this project. It’s called Homebound and it’s a frantic, cinematic VR Experience. It was recently greenlit on Steam and will be released soon. I had no prior experience with creating gameplay or scripting before I started working on this, so I had to learn everything from scratch. I’m really surprised how easy it is to pick up Blueprints and create your own games with it.

I just released a new gameplay video of it, which you can see below. Hope you like it!

If you want you can check out the store page on Steam as well: HOMEBOUND on Steam


Updated original post with some pictures. :slight_smile:

Wow this looks awesome! Good stuff!

Looks really cool! :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch! Glad you like it! :smiley:

Hello everyone! I wanted to share the latest gameplay video with you all. :smiley: If you have a Vive and want to help beta test Homebound, send me a PM!