HOME - UE5 Project

Hi all, I would like to share my last personal work.

I tried to show the beauty of our house using unreal engine 5 for lighting rendering, houdini/redshift for all modeling and sky/clouds, substance for texturing.

I hope you will like it ![:wink:|16x16]


Hey @RobJinn,

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

You’ve done a truly marvelous job at creating our home. Everything from the lighting to the music is so on point.

May I ask how long it took to create this? And why you felt it was important to make? :smiley: Always love getting the chance to get an artist talking about their work.

Thanks so much for sharing your creation with us here on the Unreal Engine forums and I hope to see more from you soon!




:heart: Thank You For Sharing This With Us! :heart:

I hope you get hired to do awesome things, you are Destined for Great Things!



Hey @PresumptivePanda,

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Hey @Rama,

Nice to hear from you, you’re rather famous in my circle as well!

My name comes from a love of pandas :panda_face: and the presumptive part comes from my friends calling me out on assuming everyone in the world is well-intended. I guess I presume everyone is just trying to be their own version of a happy little panda.

Hope my name continues to bring smiles! :slight_smile:

Hi PresumptivePanda :blush:
Thank you for your comment!

The time for create this is not really significant because I made this in my spare time and I create the tool to achieve this in same time (tree generator, scatter unreal, house builder … ).
So I took 1 mounth per shot (approximatively) but with a full time artist and a solid workflow I think one or two week per shot will be possible :slight_smile:

I precise’s this because the reason for me to made this is that I want create my compagnie, to product my personal content like a serie with unreal and some procedural system or offer some services like procedural creation set and asset and real time previz systeme :slight_smile:
My objectives with this was to try and experience ue5 and a workflow houdini/unreal :slight_smile:

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Thank you Rama :slight_smile:

WOW! “HOME” is a beautifully stunning visual cinematic! Kudos on a fantastic job done with this creation, and thank you for reminding us just how lovely our floating rock really is. :clap: :earth_asia:

Since this is your last personal work, does this mean the next design you share will be from a team project?

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Thx Zezkaii :slight_smile:

Ahaha ^^ I would like! But I don’t have a team currently, maybe soon…!
If I manage to get funding :wink:

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Hi, I would like to show you some breakdown on this project.
I begin with the Ice Env, it wasn’t the most complicate but it was my first step with UE5, lumen and nanite. It revealed me some difficulty to work with lumen and nanite, in particular for the large landscape ^^’.
If you are iterested by this content let me know, and I will try to find some time to prepare the breakdown and explanation for the other shots :wink:


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Funding to further expand this project or another project you are working on? Either way, I would enjoy seeing further breakdowns for different shots throughout the “Home” short cinematic! Thank you again for sharing your incredible work! :grin:

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Aww, hee hee! Thanks!

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Nice work man, how did you set the correct tree shadows far away from the camera in 30’'s forest scene? cuz normally shadow fades out while far enough.

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Hi everyone, you can see some details on the process to create the desert Env :slight_smile: Hope you like it :wink:


Thanks calvin, yes this part was really hard to do, and the solution is not a simple way :confused:
Firts I used a var command to retake the lumen size… but I don’t remember the exact name … sry
after I tried to use the impostor but I haven’t a good result, and my last and better test was to use redshift to render some sprites and band of forest
and I have work with this to fake all
Well Finally I have high model in first - mid distance, I had play with the console variable to upgrade the light and shadow limite, and for the far I had work like a matte painting :slight_smile:
I hope this explantation will help you.

Love it! :heart: (and the music is perfect for this!)

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Thank you dude :slight_smile: