Home ~ First Person Horror!

Hey y’all, I’ve been working on a game for the past year or so (just finished it actually) called home, and I really don’t mean to sound like a freaking advertisement, but I lack the necessary funds to get it up on Steam. I’ve got lots of information about the project up in various places, I would really, honestly appreciate any and all help I can get (even if it’s just a like on the video). Thanks so much for hearing me out y’all :slight_smile:

1st trailer

2nd trailer

~ https://www…com/projects/dif/home-6

We’re about a third of the way there, thanks so much to y’all who are helping out :slight_smile:

Looks good!

Aw, thank you! :smiley:

Looking Scary and I like the story. I got your back! Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much :smiley: This means so much to me :,D