Home along with COVID Triggers

So I lost my job due to COVID and came home to wait it out. Cut to six months later and I’m still home. Anyone else having to now live at home with things or people that trigger them?

So I guess companies like Tencent wants in future buy all bankrupted companies and own them like Epic Games. It seems some random Satanist(I wish just like Doomguy,Kay’l 669 to see Haven or Hell speaking of afterlife with my very own eyes to not behave like atheist) will want to force to work for him as being his slave(I mean employee). What if there’s no job for me? Speaking of user Evil Cleric. I can’t find myself in the twenty-first century(nothing is the same-I have this feeling that this dimension/universe doesn’t feets to me). I could be really useless for elitists(such as billionaires like Bill Gates,Elon Musk,George Soros,Tim Sweeney,Ma Huateng,Tom Kalinske).I hate modern Epic Games(because they are focused on Fortnite Battle Royale instead of Jazz Jackrabbit 3 and Unreal Tournament 4-these pc games are just forever cancelled and never gonna be revived) and modern Sega(I guess even modern Konami is controversial if Sega quittted Arcade business,since Anno Domini 2001 they quitted hardware business-to me life isn’t and can’t goes on(I wish I could time travel-it can’t be impossible)(I guess Metaverse of quantic computers will replace mobile games just like in Animatrix,Matrix,Total Recall,Ghost in the Shell(anime) and messed up with Sonic comic books,cartoons,video games cannon. For wealthy bankers I would be useless(I think I’m tired of life sometimes just like Rick Deckard,Squidward-Fortnite doesn’t give me hapiness(just like digital card games,esports,moba,rts,modern rpg online web browsing games and some mmorpg casual game genres-it’s annoying me a lot that now these genres are popular) I played once). It seems UbiSoft are fascinated with Fortnite. I will miss the 90’s(nothing is the same anymore)it was paradise for me back then everyone was making 2D and 3D platformers.I don’t really care if creators of Rad Rodgers likes modern Epic Games(they are complicating everything same for Sega I’m struggling a lot to make any Sonic fangame myself it’s extremely hard and very difficult challenge).


Focus on self, pick up skills, a language, new hobby. Working from home is becoming a thing faster than anyone expected; and to the point where it may not be an option but a requirement instead. Isolate yourself from toxic people as soon as you can. Easier said than done, though :frowning:

Working from home since january. Worst part of it is to force myself to actually work, so many distractions.
Luckily i work in IT security and we have even more work than usual.

Learn something new, or start some indie project (where you learn new skills) in unreal/godot/unity etc.

What kind of new language?Chinese?

Anyway sorry guys just game development isn’t easy,right guys?

Nah, it’s not that bad. Kind of depends on who you are, what you’re developing (if it’s a solo-MMO-dev, you’re royally effed anyway) and what you compare it to, though!
I’d place the complexity of it smack bang in the middle - between sending a crewed mission to another planet and landscaping your grandma’s garden.

A great choice! Or Arabic, or Russian, German, Spanish. But making a deal with Duolingo owl is no joke, you’ve been warned.

What did you work at? I still see many game developer job openings.

I heard Covid-19 according Cliff Bleszinski it’s just plandemy according to his Twitter profile. What’s wrong with Duolingo owl is it against Unreal Engine forum rules? I was warned because I can be banned temporarily or permanently without any sensible reasons whatsoever? But why?

This makes Duo sad.

Duo always comes at ya with either a guilt trip or a direct threat.

Do you believe Cliff Bleszinski as former employee of Epic Games on Twitter about his conspiracy theories of Covid-19 and comparing to Netflix Social Dilemma movie? Science-fiction genre stuff. Circa Anno Domini of 2020. I heard about Agenda 2030. Cyberpunk 2077 dark vision of future becoming reality and people will be affected by New World Order. One religion and only one government.