Holy Cow

I’ve been trying to play around with Unreal 4.11 for a couple weeks now. It seems that it takes forever to
Update, Verify and as soon as i get into a project and add files it automatically compiles shaders for hours it seems.
Is this normal. if it is, holy cow wasted time. and effort. I picked Unreal because i love the rendering beautiful levels I could
Make. but holy cow. takes forever just to get something accomplished. Any ideas. I am running a Dual Core Pentium 2.5ghz 4 gig memory
64 bit windows X system and AMD Radeon HD 7700 Video.

Yeah, that’s not a great hardware setup for ideal UE4 Creation. More cores would probably be better, and at least double the RAM would really help, or even 4x the memory would be best.

Yep, as LMP3D already said, your hardware doesn’t fit to EPIC’s recommended hardware specifications.

You need at least a quad core with 2,5 GHz and 8 GB RAM. Your graphics card looks ok-ish but I would definitely upgrade it too.

I couldn’t find the requirements anywhere. I figured as much. Guess i’ll have to give up on it. thx for the replys

You can’t find the requirements? Did you clicked on the link I’ve posted? That’s way to early to give up.

Bruh, that machine won’t get you anywhere.

You need a CPU with min. 4 threads.