Hololens 2 Object Recognition&Tracking?

Hi there,

as far as I’ve seen there is an implenentation for tracking a QR code in Hololens 2, and also positioning objects there already integrated into Unreal.
But for our purposes, we would require to track an actual threedimensional object in realworld-space (not just an image!) to be able to automatically align virtual objects and animations onto it.

Is there any already integrated solution in Unreal?
If not, Vuforia and VisionLib seem to offer SDKs for Unity, but don’t say anything about Unreal. Could those be integrated in a project to allow Unreal to use object recognition as well?

Thanks a lot!

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I’m not sure if I fully understand what your end goal is, but it sounds like Spatial Anchoring might be what you’re looking for.


Hello, I also encountered the same problem as you, how did you solve it in UE4? thank you very much

how did you solve it in UE4? thank you very much