Hololens 2 Holographic Remoting Not Accepting Inputs

I am developing a project for the Hololens 2 in Unreal 4.26 using the Holographic Remoting App 2.5 to test the apps in the VR preview. It connects successfully and the visuals stream perfectly to the hololens but I am unable to get it to recognize any hololens input from both the hands and eye gaze. When I package and install the apps to the hololens the hand inputs do function properly.

I have tried reinstalling unreal, visual studio, holographic remoting as well as factory resetting my hololens and none of that worked.

The issue is as described in https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/988023/view.html but the solution of running the remote in the sample projects did not work. My hand inputs were not recognized in either of those projects.