HoloLens 2 Holographic Remoting Hand Input?


I’m currently working on creating an interactive app for Hololens 2 using the latest source code build of UE4 on Windows 10. I want to use the Streaming/Holographic Remoting feature between my Unreal Editor and my Hololens 2. I’ve setup the Holographic Remoting app on my Hololens 2 and successfully connected it to my Unreal editor. When I play in VR Preview mode, I can see the holograms in my headset. But my hands are not tracked and I cant use the pointer or gestures to interact with the holograms. I know that this feature is supported because it says that in the below link

How to troubleshoot this issue?


Do these GitHub - microsoft/MixedReality-Unreal-Samples: A collection of mixed reality samples built with Unreal Engine 4 sample work in remoting for you?

I’m downloading it ryt now… Let me test it and see… Will get back to you soon.

You’re right. The hand input is working in those examples while streaming through editor or windows build. I’m not sure what’s missing in my project. I had set it up exactly how they showed in that chess demo project tutorial. I think I need to take a closer look and compare both the projects.

I’m not sure what the problem was, but once I tried remoting in those example projects, it started working in my project too. But I’m just glad that its working now.

@AndreyChistyakov Hey I’m having another problem with the HoloLens development. Something to do with the camera setup for the pawn. I’ve posted a question about it here

HoloLens 2 camera IPD setting - Cinematics & Media - Epic Developer Community Forums

Is that something that you can help with?


I have the same issue but the solution is not working for me, I’ve tried running both the chess and sample app through the VR Preview mode and neither accepted hand inputs. When I package and install those apps and my custom ones to the headset my hand inputs work then but never in Unreal Editor.