Hololens 2 app not working


I followed this tutorial to do a test app for Hololens 2:

Everything went smoothly (I can stream the app from the editor to the device, I can successfully do a build and install it through the device portal, etc).

The problem is, when running the app in the device, it shows the OS-default loading animation for a few seconds and eventually exits the app.

I have no issues with other apps (and I even developed some Unity3D-based ones). It seems an issue specific to an app done with Unreal Engine 4.26.
The log files look ok, I’ll attach them here for reference.

Any ideas?

Thank you


Anyone with the same issue?

I had the same issue with my project initially. The problem turned out to be that I did not follow the guide because I thought I new better and made the project blueprint only, instead of a C++ project like the guide said. I couldn’t find anything that gave me a clue as to what was happening. I don’t remember what eventually helped me figure it out, but following a guide I found on how to convert a blueprint only project into a C++ project fixed the issue.

I didn’t try the answer from “NotADesigner” below but it could be worth the shot.
I noticed that there were updates for Hololens development and I might try this again in the future but still didn’t get to it.


I have the same issue and I can’t find the problem. Did you managed to solve it?

Thank you

Hello, I’m using unreal 5.1 and still have this issue. If anyone is still watching this thread please help. Already had my app in C++ and log show’s no actual crash. Just stops and the crash logs won’t open in the web portal.