holographic screen

Greetings. I’ve got intrested in one question and I haven’t found answer.
So, how can I create something like interactive holographic screen to use it in game, when it simply lying at the map in this moment?
It supposed to be a menu, but it also has to be a sprite.
I thouhgt I’d make it using widget, but I haven’t found how can I do that. Can somebody help me?

You can do it with planers… With texture map, drawing layer per texture and using alpha channel will help.
Add more planers and rise it a bit to made a 3D effect… Use material made it growing and blueprint to make it fizzle.

What game do you own that include holographic? Then I can talk though that game and how made it.

So. I just wanted make main menu level. I found “shooter tutorial” for this theme and I did that he say BUT, in preview video you can see: when camera came to armory, show up weapon characteristic menu, and when camera goes backward this menu lying in air. So I wanted to do something like that but I don’t found how.
this is shooter tutorial that i say

Found here.

"Adding Matinees

Now when we have main camera create two matinee actors. Still in persistent level:


Click Open Matinee in Details Panel when MoveToLevelSelection matinee is selected. This will show up matinee editor. Matinees are really powerful and you should learn how to use them! I suggest spending some time watching youtube tutorials about Matinee and try to create something by yourself."

It include a link to matinees.

Learn from there then you will get there :wink:

Thanks, but I know what is matinee and how it works. I don’t interested in how camera flow around the level, I interested in how armory menu lay in air like a sprite or something.

It’s not texture job. Use 3D base model, planer… Animation it as it was floating in air and resize it when close it.

If you want it look fizzy and digital shut down, then yeah need another texture for that and texture animation like Sprite. One per blueprint flip-flop. Example. When display, go to (A) play animation to fill planers on the screen with clickable tab / nav bar etc … But when shutting it down then switch to (B) to play the animation the planers you create earlier and change texture.

You can play animation forward and backward. Save your trouble.

Hope I was clear about that and hopefully that is what you look for. :slight_smile:

Yes, I think it’s all I want know:)

Yay! Cheer, glad to able help. I am not very good at blueprint really.